Sungrow Batteries

Sungrow is a leading manufacturer of solar inverters and battery storage systems. The Sungrow Batteries are available in Australia in a range of sizes and capacities, from 3.2kWh to 25.6kWh.

They are made with LFP cells, which are the safest type of lithium-ion battery. Sungrow batteries are backed by a comprehensive warranty, so you can be confident that your investment is protected.

Sungrow Batteries

Sungrow Batteries have been meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of energy needs. With capacities ranging from 3.2kWh to an impressive 25.6kWh, they offer homeowners and businesses alike the flexibility to choose a storage solution that aligns perfectly with their requirements. This range ensures that whether you have minimal energy needs or require extensive storage, there’s a Sungrow Battery tailored just for you.

But it’s not just about capacity and versatility. Sungrow places immense value on the trust you place in their products. That’s why they back their batteries with a comprehensive warranty that stands as a testament to their quality and durability. Customers can rest easy knowing that the battery comes with a 10-year warranty, while the inverter is protected for 5 years. This warranty is not just a promise; it’s Sungrow’s commitment to ensuring that your investment remains secure and delivers on its promise.

  • Long lifespan: These Batteries have a long lifespan, with some models lasting up to 15 years. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of battery storage for many years to come.
  • Safe and reliable: These batteries are made with LFP cells, which are the safest type of lithium-ion battery. They are also very reliable, with a low risk of failure.
  • Versatile: Sungrow batteries can be used for a variety of applications, including solar backup, load shifting, and peak shaving. This makes them a great choice for homes and businesses of all sizes.
1)SUNGROW 9.6KWH-15.6KWH ( SBR 3.2)

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