Common problems while installing solar system Australia

Installing a solar energy system is one of the best investments you can make towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future in Australia. Solar panels require relatively low maintenance but as with any product problems can occur. A solar installation is only as tough as its weakest link and these mistakes can be both costly and, at times, downright dangerous. So, to make you aware about it, we have put together this article to avoid it before or during the time of installation.

  1. Not looking for a reputable local solar company.

Finding a reputable solar company can be easier said than done. How do you know if a company is reputable?

Don’t just look for good reviews, also note how the company responds to less than 5-star responses. Are they following up in an effort to rectify any problems? Is the company responding to reviews at all, good or bad?

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  1. Not selecting an experienced solar installer 

To become a solar installer a licensed electrician needs to successfully complete a short training course. The difference in the level of expertise that customers could expect from a tradesperson who has recently completed this training to one who has years of experience in all aspects of solar installation is vast.

If the company and their solar electricians have been installing solar PV systems for many years there could be a reasonable expectation that they will be around to provide you with after-sales support if anything goes wrong. This is an issue which many homeowners have faced where they have had a solar system installed only to find out the installer has gone out of business and can no longer offer support or honor the product or service warranties.

    1. Cheap inferior solar components

    A solar power system is only as good as its individual components. Every part of the system, from the solar panels and the mounting system to the solar inverter and the battery, needs to work seamlessly together to provide your home with a reliable supply of green energy. If even one component is low quality, faulty, or breaks down prematurely, it affects the efficiency of the whole system.

    1. Not using a CEC accredited solar installer

    A solar installer who is CEC accredited must complete specific best practice solar training and carry out ongoing professional development. One of the advantages of using a CEC accredited installer is the CEC can take appropriate action to ensure standards are upheld for work carried out by accredited installers. This provides a system through which to rectify any issues that are found.

    The Clean Energy Council (CEC) continually works to increase the standards of the solar industry across Australia.

    Another reason to ensure your installer is accredited is that to be eligible for government rebates like Small Scale Technology Certificates STCs your solar system must be designed and installed by an accredited CEC solar installer.

    This was all about the common solar installation problems. If you want a hassle free installation, feel free to contact Sun Quotes.


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