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Are you a solar installer actively seeking to buy solar leads? If so, you should consider signing up with Sun Quotes today. By taking this step, you’ll unlock access to a pool of pre-qualified homeowners genuinely interested in solar power. Moreover, when you opt to buy solar leads from us, you’ll enjoy a variety of targeted lead generation services. Specifically, we’ve meticulously designed these services to help you expand your business. So, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity; sign up today to start generating high-quality solar leads for your business.

We provide a comprehensive range of lead generation services to boost your business growth, such as:

  • Targeted solar leads tailored to meet your specific criteria
  • Real-time lead tracking and reporting to keep you updated
  • Competitive pricing to give you the best value for your investment
  • A dedicated account manager to assist you every step of the way

Sign up today and take the first step towards generating top-notch solar leads for your business!

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You need to be…

  • An authorized Solar retailer who is active in an Australian State.
  • A clean Energy Council accredited Solar installer who subcontracts other accredited solar retailers.

    If you fulfill both of the above written criteria, then you can register with free solar quotes and lodge your Solar inquiry for

    • Solar Leads
    • Battery Leads


    Q: How do I sign up as a solar installer?

    A: Signing up is easy! Just fill out the registration form on our website and submit the required documents to verify your credentials. Once approved, you’ll gain access to our pool of pre-qualified homeowners interested in solar power.

    Q: What kind of leads can I expect?

    A: We provide targeted solar leads based on your specific criteria. These are pre-qualified homeowners who have expressed interest in solar power installations.

    Q: What is the cost for these leads?

    A: We offer competitive pricing for our lead generation services. For detailed pricing information, please contact our dedicated account manager after signing up.

    Do you offer any support?

    Yes, we provide a dedicated account manager to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is committed to helping you grow your business.

    How quickly can I start receiving leads?

    Once your account is set up and approved, you can start receiving leads immediately.

    Is my information secure?

    Absolutely. We take data security seriously and ensure that your information is encrypted and stored securely.